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A Brief Summary of Soft Hostings

We take Web Hosting to the next level and bring a whole new perspective when it comes to affordability in the web hosting space. Not only do we bundle our hosting plans with over $200+ worth of free software, we do that at no-renewal hikes either, a strict pricing model we have been practicing for almost a decade.

Our unique approach to affordability while offering premium products and services has helped us garner the trust of thousands of Business Owners, Freelancers, Smaller Web Hosts, Communities and Bloggers who manage and host their Websites under our hosting brand.

Our team of developers love to develop solutions to clients and that is why we are able to handle heavy tasks in a shortest time using the latest trends. We are WordPress experts, sitepad genious, code intelligent in PHP, HTML, HTML5,CSS, JAVASCRIPT and so many

Soft Hostings Limited offers also unique services including domain registering, social media management, content creation and digital marketing


Be rewarded for your commitment! We award our loyal customers with our in-house developed account tier system that consists of 3 different tiers. Clients with an assigned tier get access to Exclusive products, Global lifetime recurring discounts and Instant provisioning on any product.

Awards are automatically assigned to clients who meet the requirements and do not require any manual intervention.

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